Low Power Pressure Sensor PS-1002

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Low Power Pressure Sensor PS-1002
Product Features:
Low voltage, low power consumption, easy to install and use; advanced digital
temperature compensation function, wide operating temperature range; high precision, high frequency
response, good long-term stability; impact resistance, fatigue resistance, and high reliability.
Applications: Industrial process detection and control; pumping stations and water treatment systems;
automated detection systems; industrial machinery manufacturing; hydraulic and pneumatic control




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With low voltage, low power consumption, easy installation and use
Excellent resistance to corrosion, wear and vibration
Wide temperature operating range, compact size
High product precision and good long-term stability
Technical Parameters

Pressure type Gauge pressure, absolute pressure
Pressure range (bar) -1~0~0.2...600 
Signal output RS485
Supply voltage 3~4.2V DC, suitable for battery power supply
Current consumption ≤2.5mA
Stand-by current ≤0.2mA
Accuracy ±0.3 %FS  ±0.5 %FS  
Temperature compensation -20~+85℃
Operating temperature -40~+85℃
Long-term stability (1 year) ±0.2 %FS
Overload pressure 200%FS
Destruction pressure 300%FS
Protection class IP65
Material 304 stainless steel
Electrical connections Direct Lead, Hessman, Non-Threaded Explosion Proof Connector (IP67)
Pressure port M20X1.5, G1/4, NPT1/4, (others can be customized on request)



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