Shaft Head Tension Sensor TLS-F

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Shaft Head Tension Sensor TLS-F
It can be used to measure and control the tension of materials during processing, such as paper, label, tape, battery electrode , high performance film and other narrow materials, The sensor’s detection signal is not affected by the position of the coil on the roller .
Easy to install, high measurement accuracy.
Low tension conditions can also be accurately measured .
Built-in new mechanical 10times anti-overload protection
Minor temperature drift, good non-linearity and repeatability.
Small size, little space required for installation.


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Rated Output 1.0±10%mV/V Repeatability 0.1% F.S.  
Nonlinearity 0.2% F.S. Zero Balance ± 2% F.S.  
Temp effect on zero 0.02 %F.S./℃ Compensated temp rang -10~+40℃  
Operating temp range -20~+80℃ Insulation ≥ 2000 MΩ/100VDC  
Recommended excitation 5-10VDC Ultimate load limit 1000 %F.S.  
Cable size Ф5×5m Protection class IP65  
Cable connection

EXC+:Red, EXC-: Black ,SIG:+Green, SIG-:White,

Dimension Drawing:(mm)


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